Hi Im Dawn,

It's so nice to meet you,

I thought I would share a bit about myself in the hopes that we’ll become good friends. 😉

I'm a serial entrepreneur, who enjoys helping others find meaning and purpose in life.

I have created many different businesses and am constantly taking classes to expand and learn more.



When I was 25 I had a huge spiritual shift. I traveled the World and my heart kept saying to me “What if there is more to life than I’ve been taught?  Then it happened, like a glitch in the matrix. I saw beyond what I was supposed to see and knew that there was more to life.  Could I explain it? No. I Didn’t have any reference points.  But I couldn’t go back to believing or being who I was before that moment.  This experience put me on a path to seek and find what is true for me. 

On the outside, I was the same person, but inside I knew I was totally different.  This created a lot of conflict, loneliness, and pain.  I felt that in order for me to really be me and to find the answers I was looking for I would have to leave what I had been taught.  This was hard but the pull to know more was too great, I had to follow it. 

I decided to give up everything I thought was right and wrong and let it all go.  I was like a newborn baby having to learn everything for the first time.  I wasn’t aware at the time but I was being taught how to follow my own guidance system vs simply do or believe what I was told.  This was a totally different way of living. 

I consumed books, went to classes, and sifted and sorted through everything desperately looking to find truth, purpose, and meaning in my life.  I didn’t have anyone person in my life that could help me navigate. Looking back I can see that was the universe's way of getting me to trust my own guidance system vs always looking outside of myself for answers.  

Fast forward 15 years and now I have a clear connection to source energy, I know what I know and I trust myself and the direct guidance I am given.  This has brought me immeasurable peace. 

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What next,

My goal is to help other people on their journey.

I specialize in helping clients find the right tools to create lasting change and awareness in their lives.  I help them break down old points of view and judgments that no longer serve them and hold space for them to create a totally different reality.


I don’t do the work for you but I will guide you and support and encourage you on your life path.